Dallas Area Paralegal Association Scholarship Opportunity

Answering clients’ questions, providing assistance with solutions to legal problems and holding clients’ hands though difficult situations can be quite rewarding to a paralegal that enjoys helping people. In order to extend the practice of helping others, the Dallas Area Paralegal Association (DAPA) has created the DAPA Scholarship Fund at Communities Foundation of Texas, designed to assist paralegal students enrolled in a Postgraduate Paralegal Certificate Program.

The most important thing about being a paralegal is a dedication to service. Paralegals serve clients, companies, bosses, and bureaucracies oftentimes without getting any credit for long hours. But that’s what service is–work on another’s behalf, for another’s interest without expectation of recognition, reward, or reciprocity. Being a paralegal is challenging and exhausting, but it’s the kind of fulfillment with which one falls in love.  – Dallas Area Paralegal Association Board Member Floy Gaidarski

DAPA is a voluntary non-profit corporation composed of paralegals, students and vendors working in all areas of the law who are interested in furthering their own professional development and who are dedicated to the advancement of the paralegal profession as a whole. The DAPA Scholarship is awarded to a paralegal student with strong academic performance, exemplary leadership, an indicated primary career interest in law, and financial need. The recipient of the scholarship will receive up to $1,500 scholarship from the DAPA Scholarship Fund.

To view eligibility requirements or apply, please visit https://cftexas.academicworks.com/opportunities/869, but hurry because the deadline for this scholarship is approaching quickly – July 7, 2017!